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Pizza and Chips

Who’s ready for Pizza and Chips? Our kid-sized pizza comes with a cheesy, tasty topping and is paired with golden, crispy chips. It’s a winning combo that’s sure to make our young diners’ mealtime super exciting and delicious

Fishfingers Served With Chips, Beans or Peas

Dive into our Fishfingers, a crunchy, golden favourite for kids! Served with crispy chips and a choice of beans or peas, it’s a delicious sea adventure on a plate, perfect for our younger food explorers.

Sausage and Mash or Chips,Served With Beans or Peas

Kids, get ready for our yummy Sausage meal! Choose between smooth mash or crunchy chips, and pair it with your favourite, beans or peas. It’s a tasty adventure with every bite, making mealtime super fun!

Burger Served with Garnish and Chips

Our Kids’ Burger is a real treat! A juicy, tasty burger topped with fresh garnish and served with a side of crispy chips. It’s a fun and yummy meal that’s just right for our younger guests.

Chicken Nuggets served with chips, peas or beans

Kids will love our Chicken Nuggets! They’re crispy, golden, and oh-so-tasty. Served with yummy chips and a choice of sweet peas or yummy beans, it’s a fun and delicious meal that’s sure to bring smiles.