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Animal Experience

Our Animal experience includes grooming, walking, selfies, and cuddles with the alpacas and goats for approx 20 mins. 

Meet Some Of Our Animal Friends

We have three Alpacas, Four goats, Chickens, Rabbits, Ducks, and a donkey for our guests to feed and pet. All visitors must book tickets before they visit.

Brad the alpaca at Robert Burre Clacton
This is an image of a goat named Reggie who lives at the Robert Burre pub in Clacton On Sea Essex
This is an image of Bramble and Spice who are alpacas living at the Robert Burre Clacton
two duck at the Robert Burre in Clacton on Sea
alpaca at the Robert Burre in Clacton Essex
Georgie the donkey at the animal experience in the Robert Burre Pub Clacton on sea
image of the goats sleeping on straw at the Robert Burre

7 Fun Facts About Alpacas

1. Alpaca is a species of South American Camelid Mammal.

It is similar to, and often confused with, the llama. However, alpacas are often noticeably smaller than llamas. The two animals are closely related and can successfully crossbreed.

2. There Are Two Breeds of Alpaca

The Missouri alpaca and the Mukaya alpaca. The ones we have here at the Robert Burre are Mkhaya, which we think are the cutest

3. Alpacas Hum Just Like We Do

Alpacas make a variety of noises but the most common thing they like to do is hum. Just like humans when they are happy they hum a little tune. They also hum if they are feeling curious or bored.

When they get frightened they will tell the pack with an alarm call known as the Staccato. Lastly when they breed the male emits a unique throaty noise which has come to be known as “orgling”

4. Alpacas Tend To Poo in One Spot

This is great for us, at the pub because it makes it easier to clean up after them. The fact they seem to poop in specific areas means that some of them have been successfully house-trained, perhaps we will train them to use the pub toilet.

5. Most Alpacas Are Domesticated

It’s no surprise humans have domesticated Alpacas, just like dogs they are cute and cuddly, after all, who can not look at their cute hairstyles and coy grins without saying awww.

They are thought to have been domesticated about 6,000 years ago, although they are cute, the real reason they were raised was for their amazing fleece, it is known to be warmer than Goose down and stronger than mohair. Their fur was originally used exclusively for the elite and nobles.

6. Alpacas Have Weird Teeth.

Alpacas have Canines, Molars, and Incisors, however, the tongue sides of their teeth are not covered in enamel which means just like rabbits, their teeth continue to grow throughout their life. You can tell a male and female apart by their teeth this is because males use them to fight and so develop what are known as fighting teeth.

7. Alpacas Hate Living Alone

This is because alpacas are very scalable animals and prefer to live in herds. It is known that they will get sick or even die if they are made to live on their own. This is why we have three alpacas here at the Burre, we wanted to make sure they live a happy, content life. They also love living with other animals such as goats.

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Image showing some of the animals at the Robert Burre

Animal Experience

Our Animal experience includes grooming, walking, selfies, and cuddles with the alpacas and goats for approx 20 mins. 


Meet & feed The alpacas


Meet & feed the chickens & ducks


Meet & pet the rabbits


Meet & feed the goats